Dynamic and multimodal, our training programs invite interactive, collaborative, reflective, therapeutic skill-building, to support effective practice with perinatal presentations.  Explore our training in PIMH, perinatal loss, reflective practice, supervision groups and more.

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Intensive Training Package

Perinatal and infant mental health is a specialised area of practice focusing on the emotional health and development of parents and infants. The perinatal period is a vulnerable time for parent-infant and couple relationships…

Price: AU$2045 Duration: 37-hrs Format: Live online + pre-recorded video lectures + closed Facebook group

PIMH Masterclasses

This advanced-level Masterclass provides opportunity for interactive, reflective, therapeutic skill-building, supporting effective practice with perinatal presentations.

Price: AU$385 Duration: 8-hrs across two half day sessions (online) Format: Live online

Grief, Trauma and Attachment: An Integrated Approach to Perinatal Loss

Our perinatal loss training is a comprehensive, integrated training program for working therapeutically with bereavement following a perinatal loss.

Price: Price $1685; $1485 for PIMH Intensive alumni Duration: 20-hrs Format: Live online + pre-recorded video lectures

Pillars of Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting is a relationship-based, reflective model emphasizing observation, flexible response, and reflection as core practices to promote childhood attachment security through increasing parental reflective capacity, strengthening positive caregiver-child interactions, and reducing hostile-intrusive caregiving behaviors.

Price: AU$770 Duration: 14-hrs across four half day sessions Format: Live online

Foundations of Reflective Supervision and Leadership

Reflective supervision, reflective consultation, and reflective practice are terms used for the approaches now considered best practices for providers, supervisors, leadership, and agencies where workplace stress, high turnover, and service quality are significant concerns.

Price: AU$385 Duration: 7-hrs across two half day sessions Format: Live online

Reflective Supervision Groups

Reflective Supervision Groups provide a small group experience for those who have completed training with us and wish to continue their exploration of PIMH ideas.

Price: CONTACT US Duration: 10-hrs Format: Live online

Perinatal Conversation Hour

The Perinatal Conversation Hour (PCH) is a closed group for graduates of the PIMH Intensive training.  The PCH is a reflective, exploratory space to continue sharpening and deepening therapeutic skills covered in the PIMH Intensive.

Price: No charge Duration: 1-hr monthly meetings Format: Live online + closed facebook group

Observe, Reflect, Respond: An Introduction to Reflective Practice and Supervision

A ‘relationship-based and reflective’ approach has long been synonymous with programs serving children and families. Yet this approach can only truly exist within organizations committed to equity and belonging in the workplace and community…

Price: AU$385 Duration: 7-hrs across two half day sessions Format: Live online
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