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These resources are available for free download and can be widely shared, but they must remain in original form and maintain our Centre for Perinatal Psychology logo.  The handouts may be shared among professional colleagues and used with clients/patients in clinical settings. You may share in pdf form or have hardcopies printed. If you have other intended uses for our handouts please Contact Us to seek our permission first.

Mental Health Matters

We are dedicated to awareness raising and advocating for women’s and men’s mental health, especially in the transition into becoming a parent and early parenting.
We have produced a handout below for your information. Feel free to share.

Speaking for the Baby

Our Speaking for the Baby Campaign launched in 2018 as part of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week.
We love advocating for babies and helping parents ‘see’ their baby with fresh eyes.
One of things we love doing and encourage parents to do, is to curiously wonder about what is going on inside for their baby. We like to wonder about their minds – what they might be sensing, feeling, thinking, wanting, needing, experiencing. And if we were to put that into words, well, we’d be ‘speaking for the baby’!
Our Speaking for the Baby Campaign is a series of seven illustrations and four accompanying handouts, bringing voice to the infant’s experience. Developed by Dr Bronwyn Leigh and illustrated by Melbourne-based illustrator Jess Racklyeft, this campaign has been lovingly embraced by parents and professionals alike.

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