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Still Face Experiment | Dr Edward Tronick

The Still Face Experiment shows us how babies initially work hard to reengage a disengaged parent, but in the absence of a response, the baby will become distressed and withdraw.

Check out Ed’s new book, coauthored with Dr. Claudia M. Gold:

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Love Sense: from Infant to Adult | Sue Johnson & Ed Tronick

Featuring renowned couple therapist Sue Johnson, developer of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) alongside Ed Tronick, developer of the Still Face Paradigm. These two experts in bonding, explore key responses in love relationships.

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Dyadic Interventions | Alicia Lieberman

This is one video from the Simms/Mann Institute Think Tank. Their Education Initiative Videos cover a terrific array of subjects including attunement, attachment, fathers, early development, temperament, play and stress regulation. Explore the videos here:

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Baby’s First Year: Guiding Parents Through the Challenges | Dr Alex de Rementeria & Dilys Daws

Mind in Mind offer a suite of interviews from leading perinatal, infant and child psychotherapists. This presentation is but one of their offerings, the rest can be explored here:

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