About Perinatal Training Centre

We support multidisciplinary perinatal and infant mental health practitioners through our professional development opportunities.

Our Mission is to provide quality, accessible education and training in PIMH with a focus on developing strong, reflective therapeutic skills.

Based in Australia with global reach, we provide various opportunities for ongoing connection, supporting a community of practice while sharpening and deepening therapeutic skills.  We aspire to embody the central qualities and parallel processes of effective parent-infant and therapist-client relationships, applied to the training and consultation settings: qualities of reverie, holding, containing, listening, observing, wondering, attunement, resonance, reflexivity, meaning-making and compassion.

Welcome to the Perinatal Training Centre. We look forward to supporting your work with perinatal families.

Meet the Director

Dr Bronwyn Leigh

B.A. (Hons), DPsych., MAPS, FCCLP
Clinical psychologist
Perinatal and infant mental health clinician
Founding Director, Perinatal Training Centre and the Centre for Perinatal Psychology

Dr Bronwyn Leigh is a Clinical Psychologist dedicated to perinatal and infant mental health. An experienced educator, Bronwyn has developed and facilitated unique training courses in the field, delivering complex ideas with clarity and practical application. Known for her ability to enable therapists to reflectively develop a curious wondering stance to formulation, she scaffolds sufficiently for professional development and growing competence in new and experienced therapists alike.

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Advisory Group

The Perinatal Training Centre is supported by a dedicated Board of Advisors, who donate their time and expertise, providing advice and strategic direction for the Centre.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Diane Reynolds

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Charise Deveney

Clinical Psychologist

Carla Anderson

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