Dr Charise Deveney

    Dr Charise Deveney is a Clinical Psychologist, trainer, supervisor, and podcast presenter based in Sydney, Australia.  She is Director of Let’s Talk Psychology Practice and The Perinatal & Wellbeing Village; two private psychology practices dedicated to overall psychological health and parent and infant emotional wellbeing Charise has created unique clinic spaces that offer tranquillity, safety, warmth and comfort for individuals as they navigate the conception, pregnancy, post birth and parenthood journey.

    As a Clinical Psychologist Charise understands the landscape that is conception, pregnancy, postpartum & parenthood.  Pregnancy and parenthood are often filled with much joyful anticipation and excitement.  However, this is not always the case and difficulties conceiving, the presence of perinatal mood disorders, pregnancy loss, or the loss of a baby are often life shattering events.  Charise is a clinician with extensive training in supporting individuals and couples when the journey through conception and pregnancy takes a path not anticipated.  Charise passionately holds a ‘whole of health’ framework in the work that she does as a Clinical Psychologist.  Holding in mind a combination of lifestyle (how we nourish and move our bodies and engage in rest) and psychosocial factors (stress and social supports), Charise provides opportunities for individuals to nourish themselves from the inside out to support overall health & wellbeing during conception, pregnancy, and into parenthood.  This in turn helps to support a joyful, loving and secure parenting experience and bond between parent and infant.

    Charise is a member of the steering committee for Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence’s Living with Loss program and co-developer of Bearing the Unbearable training program for professionals.  Charise has been involved in the ‘Come to Therapy with Me’ Nine Network Podcast; a podcast highlighting how therapy can help prepare for the arrival of a baby. ​

    Charise’s clinical and supervisory practice is informed by a combination of attachment, relational, developmental and perinatal and infant mental health frameworks.  Charise believes that supervision is fundamental to supporting clinicians working within the perinatal and infant mental health fields.  The supervisory relationship needs to feel supportive, safe, collaborative and provide opportunities for exploration of ideas and the formulation of clinical cases.  Charise helps to cultivate curiosity with her supervisees, to think from a whole of health framework that includes all members of the family and broader community alongside what each individual clinician brings to the therapeutic relationship including personal preferences, strengths and vulnerabilities. Charise supervises clinicians who are new to the field of PIMH and more experienced clinicians wanting to deepen their clinical reflective capacities. Integrating theory and clinical practice spans the supervisory experience that Charise offers.  Both in-person and video conferencing (Zoom) appointments are available for clinical supervision.

    Areas of Special Interest

    • Perinatal grief and loss
    • Development of self as a parent
    • Using an integrated attachment, relational and developmental lens to understand perinatal mood disturbance and perinatal grief and loss
    • Development of the Motherhood Mindsets
    • Whole of health framework that considers how lifestyle variables (i.e. diet, exercise, sleep, stress and social support) impact on the perinatal period.
    • Strengthening parental reflective capacity
    • Working with clinicians to formulate and cultivate a curious mindset when working with perinatal and infant mental health presentations
    • Supporting clinicians to connect with their inner sparkle to bring their best self to their clinical work
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