Dr Bronwyn Leigh (she/her)

    Dr Bronwyn Leigh is a Clinical Psychologist based in Victoria, Australia.  She is Director of the Perinatal Training Centre and the Centre for Perinatal Psychology, a national network of perinatal psychologists dedicated to parent and infant emotional wellbeing

    As a psychologist, Bronwyn is deeply interested in exploring ways to facilitate joyful parenting and a secure, loving bond between parents and infants. She is concerned with issues spanning the perinatal period from planning of conception, through pregnancy and in the postpartum to three years. Her primary interests are in attachment relationships, perinatal mood disturbance (Mums and Dads) and infant/toddler social and emotional development. She has long-standing interests in fertility issues, perinatal loss and birth trauma. Bronwyn actively supports single parents and same sex families. She developed the ‘Mindfully Parenting Your Baby’ universal group program for parents and their babies, integrating mindfulness, reflective parenting skills and infant mental health principles.

    Bronwyn is co-author of ‘Towards Parenthood’, a self-help workbook for new parents. She is also a conference presenter, campaigner, podcast guest, media commentator and published researcher.

    As a supervisor and trainer, Bronwyn places value on integrating developmental and relational frames in a trauma-informed way, while addressing the many clinical issues salient to the perinatal period. She loves supporting supervisees to hold all members of the family in mind while formulating and bringing forth curious wondering about the various ports of entry for intervention. Cultivating flexible and creative ways of working with complex presentations is a priority and a deeply gratifying aspect of collaborative endeavour within supervision.

    Bronwyn supervises those who have completed the PIMH Intensive training and offers in-person and video conferencing (Zoom) appointments.

    Areas of Special Interest

    • Using an integrated psychodynamic and attachment lens through which to formulate and guide individual and dyadic intervention
    • Development of the Motherhood and Fatherhood Mindsets
    • Strengthening parental reflective capacity
    • Integrating mindfulness, mentalization and infant mental health principles
    • Parallel processes between effective parent-infant and therapist-client relationships
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